Healing is a journey

welcome to freedom homeopathy

Freedom Homeopathy is a small homeopathic practice led by Megan Mercier and based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Homeopathy is a holistic philosophy of healing, taking into account all aspects of a person while working toward greater wellbeing. We work with people of all ages who encounter a variety of physical, mental and emotional issues, including chronic conditions, with the aim of helping the client's own body do the work of healing. Our goal is to use the most gentle, rapid and permanent means necessary to move people into a place of greater ease. 


Whether you regularly experience symptoms, or would simply like to be more at peace in life, we would be happy to use our gifts to help enable you to use your own. 

One can make great strides in a short period of time. And there is always more freedom and wholeness to be found.

We are always moving. Are you moving closer to better health or further from it?

Homeopathy can enable us to be who we were made to be - whole and free - and it can enable us to use our gifts without being weighed down. Homeopathy helps remove the anchors.